Transmission Belts

From high power belt drives in quarries, critical pumps in chemical processing plants, to precise control in scientific equipment Fenner Transmission Belt Drives continue to provide exceptional service. 

Built using the highest quality materials, with technically advanced production processes, and backed with rigorous quality procedures, Fenner belts, pulleys and Taper Lock® shaft fixings together form the complete belt drive solution.

Quattro PLUS CRE

The Fenner Quattro PLUS CRE is a high performance synthetic rubber EPDM heavy duty wedge belt, offer more power and longer life.

Quattro PLUS TW

The Fenner Quattro PLUS TW is a wrapped belt designed with a 2 ply outer jacket to reduce belt elongation and improve stability.


The Fenner Ultra PLUS CRE belt is ideal for use in high ratio applications often required by today’s compact drive envelopes.

Ultra PLUS

Designed for use in single or multi-belt drives, Fenner Ultra PLUS transmission belts deliver maximum cost and performance.



Classic V

The Fenner Classic V belt has a specially treated jacket to give superior anti-static, heat and oil resistant properties. 

Concord PLUS

The advantages of Fenner wedge belts are combined with a neoprene/fabric band to form a single belt.

PowerTwist PLUS

Fenner PowerTwist PLUS offers a state-of-the-art solution for emergency replacement and fitment into inaccessible locations. 


Made to any length in seconds the Fenner QuickFix  is the ideal solution to get you back up and running quickly in a breakdown.



Friction Pulleys

Fenner friction pulleys are available with pilot bore fixings or using the Taper Lock® shaft fixing system for ultimate versatility.

Torque Drive PLUS 3 (TDP3)

Fenner® Torque Drive PLUS 3  works with standard HTD pulleys to provide power capacity, low noise and high accuracy in a belt drive.

HTD High Torque Drive Belt

Fenner® HTD timing belts are the first generation of metric curvilinear tooth form synchronous belts for high torque drives.

Classical Timing Belt

Fenner® Classical Timing Belts are the original square toothed belts, providing an economic solution for light drive applications.




PowerFlex metric timing belts are reinforced with helically wound zinc coated steel cords, allowing a high breaking load and low elongation.

Synchronous Pulleys

Fenner® synchronous pulleys are manufactured from high grade iron, tolerate shock loading and achieve rim speeds of up to 40m/s.

PolyDrive PLUS

Fenner® PolyDrive PLUS ribbed belts excel in difficult drive conditions and are an ideal solution for compact drives.


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