Fenner Torque Drive PLUS 3 (TDP3)

HTD Synchronous Torque Drive PLUS 3 Belt Relative Power 150%

The state-of-the-art Fenner® Torque Drive PLUS 3 (TDP3) works with standard HTD pulleys to provide the ultimate combination of power capacity, low noise and high accuracy in a belt drive. 

Manufactured using the latest materials and production technology, Fenner® Torque Drive PLUS 3 continues to push the boundaries of belt engineering.



  • The highest power rating for rubber/glassfibre belts
  • Enhanced compounding and glassfibre cord excel in highly dynamic applications
  • Minimum backlash for precise positioning
  • Ultra compact and cost effective drives
  • Polyamide facing layer reduces noise and belt tooth wear
  • Runs optimally on standard HTD pulleys
  • Fully approved by all international standards
  • PAH category 2 according to 2014 AfPSS:01 PAK
  • ISO 13050 (International Standards Organisation)
  • Anti-static as standard to ISO 9563 (1990)
  • Ambient operating temperature -25°C to +100°C





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