From small spiral bevel gearboxes through to huge 900,000Nm helical and bevel helical gearboxes, the Fenner® gearbox range offers a truly complete solution powered by highly energy efficient motors. Reliable, flexible and efficient – time after time.

Series M

The Fenner Series M coaxial gearbox combines high load carrying capacity with high efficiency and reliability.

Series C

The Fenner Series C helical worm, right angle range provides a highly efficient and compact solution to meet most requirements.

Series F

The Fenner Series F range of parallel shaft mounted geared motors and speed reducers offer high efficiency.

Series K

The Fenner Series K bevel helical range is a highly efficient solution with high load carrying capabilities,  to save energy and running costs.

Series W

The Fenner Series W is a modular designed aluminium wormbox, combining rigidity and strength for dependable cost effective solutions.

Series P

The Fenner Series P is the largest in the range, available in multiple reduction gear stages, and a max output torque range of 900,000Nm.


The Fenner Cyclo offers extremely high ratios  within a very small envelope offering high efficiency in a very compact package.


The Fenner® SMSR PowerPLUS offers a rugged compact design and a 50% increase in the power to weight ratio over the older version.


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