Fenner PLUS Lubrication Free Chain

British Standard (BS) and American (ANSI) Power Transmission Link Chain

Fenner® PLUS Lubrication Free roller chain utilises sintered bush chain technology which negates the need to pre-lubricate the chain for longer storage or running. It is an ideal solution for situations where lubrication is difficult or contamination and fire are serious problems.



  • Built-in lubrication, the ideal solution for applications that are difficult to reach or contamination is an issue
  • Sintered bushes impregnated with oil operate at up to 2.5m/sec, more than twice that of composite bush chains
  • Enhanced performance in hostile environments
  • Solid rollers manufactured to achieve extremely high surface hardness ensuring high wear resistance
  • Shot peened plates for increased fatigue resistance and extended chain life
  • All Fenner® PLUS chain plates are progressively punched to give excellent accuracy of both pin diameter and pitch
  • Case hardened bearing pins for wear and elongation resistance
  • EPX Easy Pin extraction feature for quick and simple installation

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