Fenner Friction Belts Go Up a Notch

The Fenner® Quattro PLUS CRE and Quattro Plus TW friction belts take belt technology further than ever before.

Combining extra power and longer life, the Fenner® Quattro PLUS CRE transmits 26% more power than a traditional CRE-range belt, and lasts 15% longer. Made from synthetic rubber EPDM, it’s a heavy-duty V-belt with an enhanced tooth profile, which improves its flexibility by reducing bending resistance. This makes the belt a better fit, and more efficient.

Suitable for operating environments from -40°C to +130°C, the Fenner® Quattro PLUS CRE also weighs less than other belts, and has lower inertia and reduced vibration.

The Fenner® Quattro PLUS TW goes even further in power transmission performance, of

fering a 30% improvement over traditional wrapped belts. It’s state-of-the-art wrapped chloroprene rubber construction, with higher modulus polyester cord, has been specifically designed to reduce belt elongation and improve stability. A 2-ply symmetrical weave outer jacket not only adds to length stability but also improves abrasion resistance.


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Fenner Friction Belts Go Up a Notch

Combining extra power and longer life, the Fenner® Quattro PLUS CRE transmits 26% more power than a traditional CRE-range belt, and lasts 15% longer...

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